Exhaust Canopy Systems Commercial Cafe Restaurants

Exhaust Canopy Systems Commercial Cafe Restaurants

A good quality Commercial kitchen vent hoods must effectively manage the flow of grease and grease vapor to expel odor and air contaminants as well as remove moisture from the air. The exhaust fan creates a reverse draw of air through the hood to remove smoke, soot, steam, heat, and grease vapors away from your building,

Installed above commercial gas and electrical cooking grilling frying ranges also above pass through dishwashers.

Made of stainless steel can be mounted on the side of wall or off the ceiling in the middle of your kitchen.

Comes with one or more filters especially made for this application these tend to get filled with fat and dust and should be taken out and cleaned regally  other wise the premise gets smelly and the system dose not work as well.

Very hot soapy water will normally do the job..

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