Frymaster Commercial Cooking

Frymaster Commercial Cooking

Frymaster – World class frying reliability – nothing is faster or more powerful.

Its premium thermostat is accurate to one degree, giving better temperature control, which leads to better oil life and reduced operating costs. Frymaster’s open pot design makes it easier to clean and maintain. And, as a specialist product from a specialist company with 80 years of frying experience, it’s comforting to know there’s nothing better out there.

Australia’s number 1 fryer for 30 years, Best in Class for the last 14 years in a row and with a fryer to suit any operator needs, you can’t go wrong with Fymaster.

Frymaster: cleaning up the way you fry.

The Frymaster Computers are the Key. Without a constant 180c the end product suffers. I can trust Frymaster Computers to react fast and keep that temperature up, even when we’re at our peak on a Friday night. The computers also ‘stretch’ cooking times, heavy loads need longer than light loads, and the CMIII Computer calculates cook times automatically to provide consistent food quality. Most operators don’t even notice, but the customers do. Oil costs are reduced as the temperature is computer controlled and it never burns.”

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