Commercial Oven Ranges Gas Electrical

Commercial Oven Ranges Gas Electrical  we sell Cobra, Blue Seal, Electrolux, Fagor, F.E.D GasMax, Garland, Goldstein, Mareno, Thor ranges because of their quality and reliability.

Oven Ranges Gas Electrical by Goldstein, Garland, Blue seal, Cobra, come in 4 and 6 gas burner modular tops with fan forced or convection oven for all your food equipment needs.

These are free standing units constructed in stainless steel. Variations on 6 burner tops are for 2 burners with griddle plate or full griddle plate top. Variation for oven is for double space saving ovens.

Garland brand offers Option for 6 Electric tubular elements instead of gas with wall mount facility. Ranges are heavy duty, high performance, insulated, easy clean with drip trays and removable cast iron trivets for easy cleaning and flame failure protection.

If the product you are looking for are not on our site  just email us your needs

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