Liebherr Fridges

  • Liebherr Fridges
  • Liebherr appliances provide exceptional refrigeration and freezing performance, and offer a generous amount of space-efficient storage. The refrigerators and freezers store fresh food and ready-to-be-served dishes in a clearly arranged and easily accessible manner. The fronts, compartments and containers are all designed so that they are easy-to-clean: a highly important consideration for bars, bistros and restaurants.
  • Commercial refrigerators and freezers must be particularly sturdy, convenient and energy efficient. Liebherr appliances tick all these boxes and offer everything the professional sector needs: high-quality components, optimised net volume, efficient cooling performance, reliable temperature maintenance, and exemplary ease-of-cleaning. Above all, though, Liebherr appliances stand out by combining low energy consumption with maximum efficiency.
  • Reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness: Liebherr freezers satisfy the very highest demands of commercial users, and offer optimum freezing performance for storing frozen foods. Easily accessible refrigeration components are integrated into the upper section of the appliances, which significantly increases the net capacity within the interior.

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