Hoshizaki Refrigeration

Hoshizaki Refrigeration is the name that represents quality commercial kitchen equipment.
We specialize in ice machines and refrigeration products around the world.
Hoshizaki sushi bars and ice machines are the best quality most reliable in the world.
Hoshizaki’s HNC Sushi Cabinets are designed to be aesthetically appealing.
They are produced to sit on counter tops,
with a contemporary and modern design that looks great as well keeping your sushi cooled at exactly the right temperature.
Ice machines: Cubers, Flakers, Cubelet machines
Ice and water  dispensers
Refrigerators, Freezers
Refrigerated display cases: Sushi cases, Display showcases
Food Safety, Sanitation products: ROX Water Electrolyzers
Bench fridges and freezers are part of the range along with up right 1, 2, 3 door storage fridges and freezers.
Products are manufactured in Japan and Korea to the highest quality standards resulting in long life of the product and reliability,
Product works in all weather environments across Australia

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