Dairy Cases

  • Dairy Cases We sell on  line at best prices product from our main brand Skope and A J Baker and Arneg
  • Our display cases are suitable for use in ambient temperature up to 25°C and come in sizes and styles for your food service environment.
  • Skope,  A J Baker and Arneg dairy cases are chosen for quality and high performance and are recognized for their European style.
  • Superior technology and refrigeration features include automatic single air flow, ventilated defrost, ventilated refrigeration system. Condensation is removed via a hot gas discharge system.
  • Display features are internal lighting, white finish, 2 – 4 levels of adjustable shelves plus base as shelf, canopy and end lighting with switch. Shelf pricing holders are included and shelf product fences are optional.
  • Operation is efficient with double glazed ends, manual night blind. Dairy display cased come with castors and white interior and exterior finish on feet.

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