Chinese Asian Cooking

Chinese Asian Cooking Equipment Heccater sells online a specially selected range of top quality commercial cooking equipment for all your Chinese and Asian food cooking requirements.

We supply Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and all Asian restaurants with our main brand for Chinese and Asian Cooking equipment Luus, B&S and Goldstein equipment manufactured in Australia.
You can choose from a wide range of Chinese and Asian Cooking Equipment: Asian Oven Ranges and Cook Tops, Asian Wok Oven Cookers, Griddle Plates/Griddle Toasters, Asian Stock Pot Boilers, Asian Noodle Cookers, Asian Duck Ovens, Asian Rice Roll Steamer and Yum Cha Steamer, Gas Fryers, Teppanyaki Plates and BBQ Plates.
Oven ranges come in 4 or 6 burner gas models with optional griddle plate combination.
Asian Wok Oven Cookers are available in 1,2 or 3 hole, waterless models with stainless steel finish and stand, 14” rings and up to 1200mm wide in a size to suit your cooking requirements.
Griddle Plates and Griddle Toasters are available in a range of sizes, stainless steel with stand and shelf under. Sizes are 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm wide. Side panels and adjustable feet are options depending on the model.
Supertron Asian Stock Pot Boilers powered by 24 chimney jet burners, flame failure mechanism, pilot light, 14” trivet elevates pot for better distribution of flame, and increases airflow, front gutter design for easy cleaning, heavy duty, full skirt, enamelled cast iron rings, sturdy steel frame construction and adjustable feet.
B&S Asian Noodle Cookers feature 6 baskets with option for soup pot combination. Also 35litre capacity, stainless steel exterior, side panels and closed door cabinet, burner with flame failure and pilot, variable high-low control valve for rapid boil or simmer (no thermostat) ideal for high volume cooking of noodles and pasta and adjustable feet.
Asian Duck Ovens are gas with capacity to roast up to 12 Ducks at once. These quality ovens feature temperature gauge, stainless steel exterior, heavy duty construction and oven temperature safety cut off.
Asian Rice Roll Steamers and Yum Cha Steamers feature Piezo ignition, flame failure and pilot, stainless steel exterior including side panels, sturdy steel frame construction, height adjustable feet, 65mj/hr burners, thermostat controls for consistent steaming. These come with steam plate and lid and 7 hole insert is an optional model.
Luus Asian Fryers are twin basket single pan, 22 litre. Features are twin basket tube burner system with Stainless Steel Tank, ability to cook 30kg of chips per hour, external thermostat control for ease of use, Over temperature safety cut-off, complete stainless steel exterior including side panels, height adjustable feet.
Goldstein Teppanyaki Grills and BBQ Grills feature gas grill in range of sizes on stand, with undershelf or bench top on some models. Also cast iron burners, flame failure & pilots, stainless steel exterior including side panels, height adjustable feet. Designed with reduced unit depth and side skirting ideal for teppanyaki style cooking and entertaining.