Electrolux Commercial Cooking

Electrolux Commercial Cooking

Today, that’s what inspires the research of Electrolux Professional in the foodservice industry: the design of solid kitchens, which can last forever, thus satisfying the requirements of five generations of chefs for more than a century, by means of highly performing, easy to use and green solutions.

The latest innovation, unique on the market is IcyHot from the 900XP horizontal cooking range, the system that allows the combination of a high productivity grill or fry top with the new ref-freezer base. IcyHot is the ideal solution to have all the ingredients you need to cook immediately and in huge quantities.

Discover the benefits of thermaline Pressure Cooking: the perfect cooking style for a fast service of delicate ingredients, able to produce large quantity of food with no compromise on nutrition and vitamin preservation, while saving energy at the same time.

Enjoy the freedom of quickly preparing and serving an extraordinary array of original recipes from appetizers and starters to entrées and desserts with Libero Point, the ultimate in cooking in front of your customers using the electric top appliances from the Libero Line range.

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