Pizza Shop Equipment

Heccater stocks and sells online a quality and specially selected range of equipment to service your pizza shop or pizza bar operations. We know how to get you the Pizza Making Equipment you need.
We provide Pizza bar fridges, conveyer pizza ovens, pizza prep cabinets. Pizza deck ovens, pizza dough rollers and pizza spiral mixers .
Our brands for pizza bar and pizza preparation counter fridges are Williams, Skope, Fralu and Afinox.
Pizza bar fridges come in a range of styles; pizza bar, pizza preparation counter, pizza counter chiller, pizza preparation bar. You can choose fridge style and capacity and a range of top styles.
Pizza Making Equipment  pizza bars are available with 2 and 3 door refrigerators for storage. Most units are in stainless steel with some models in white colorbond finish. Features and options include auto defrost, self evaporating drainage, digital temperature control and read out, pie cutting board, rounded internal corners for easy cleaning, self closing doors, castors.
Pizza Making Equipment  pizza counter chillers come with 2 or 3 solid doors sizes range in volume from 597 litres to 750 litres. Skope models have shielded electronic controllers and are suitable for high ambient temperatures.
Pizza preparation counters by Williams come in stainless steel with white colorbond exterior, 2 and 3 solid doors models, adjustable electronic controllers with volume from 400litre to 1072 litre.
Afinox Pizza prep counters with granite top and refrigerated cabinets have options for dough drawers and shelved cabinets. Cabinet doors are solid or glass. Prep counters can also be free standing remote units.
Pizza Prep Counters have Counter top pan coolers with gantry tops or stainless steel lids and are available with 4, 5, 6 and 8 pans and varying sizes for your topping ingredients.
Lincoln Impinger, Middleby Marshall and Moretti Forni Italian made Pizza conveyer ovens give you large capacity baking with conveyer belt style. Fast Bake electric or gas models are available. Come in counter top models take 16 inch trays which can be stacked 2 high. Lincoln free standing conveyer style ovens can replace several pizza deck ovens for maximum efficiency. Larger options have stackable double or triple oven level and fast speed for large quantity production. Features include long bake chamber, digital control panel, easy front access with removable panel.
Pizza deck ovens come in both gas and electrical in various sizes from 900mm all the way up to 1800mm wide you can double and triple stack them to save space for a larger output of product. Brand names we offer are Garland American made, Moretti Forni Italian made
Pizza dough rollers produce dough portions from 80gup to 700g depending on what is suitable for your needs. They range from 30cm to 40cm the most common one of our brands is the Italian Moretti Forni and Mecnosud DRM and range reliable and quality product. They also come with and without a foot pedal for ease of operation.
Pizza spiral mixers; range from 5 kg finish and up all the way to 38 kg finish and more with fixed heads and bowls. For large production a must is the tilting head with removable bowl the labour saving is huge. Once again we favour the Italian Moretti Forni and Mecnosud SMM range a reliable and quality product.

We sell our products all over Australia Melbourne Sydney Perth Brisbane Adelaide Canberra Darwin Hobart