Commercial Kitchen Equipment Heccater stocks and sells online a comprehensive range of specialised commercial kitchen equipment for a variety of your food business requirements.We supply a variety of commercial kitchen equipment to Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs, Take Away Shops, Food manufacturing plants, Hospitals and Nursing Homes.Our carefully selected range of commercial kitchen equipment includes restaurant and cafe cooking equipment, combi steamers and convection ovens, Chinese/Asian gas cooking equipment.Oven ranges by Goldstein, Garland, Blue seal, Cobra, Thor, Trueheat come in 4 and 6 gas burner modular tops with fan forced or convection oven.  These are free standing units constructed in stainless steel. Variations on 6 burner tops are for 2 burners with griddle plate or full griddle plate top. Variation for the oven is for double space saving ovens. Garland brand offers Option for 6 Electric tubular elements instead of gas with wall mount facility.  Ranges are heavy duty, high performance, insulated, easy clean with drip trays and removable cast iron trivets for easy cleaning and flame failure protection.Cooktops come in a variety of brands and sizes with modular options for gas burners, griddles, stands and open cabinets, gas and LPG supply.Goldstein cooktops are made by leading manufacturer Thor with 2,4,6 or 8 gas burners and stand, heavy duty trivets, burner safety valves, large sturdy dials and stainless steel finish.Cobra cooktops come with 6 cast iron open gas burners, variations are for 600 or 900mm griddle plate with 2 open burners and open cabinet underneath.Garland 4 and 6 open gas burner cooktops come with stands, open pot design and stainless steel finish.  The 6 burner model has variations for 300 or 600mm griddle plate.Trueheat cooktops come in 4 and 6 open gas burner models on a stand. Thor provides a 2 burner LPG gas model with char grill top and stands in stainless steel which requires installation by the professional gas fitter.Combi steamers and ovens are available in a range of quality brands and sizes with electric or gas options. Variations in ovens are in the configuration of trays, convection heat or steam combinations. Our brands are Cobra, Rational and Goldstein, selected for quality, reliability and functionality.  You can select a model to suit your particular catering requirements. Brands we sell are Goldstein Vision, Rational, Convotherm, Fagor and Electrolux.Chinese and Asian cooking equipment includes a wide range of specialised wok cookers, noodle cookers, griddle plates, griddle toasters, duck ovens, stock potboilers, rice roll steamers, yum char steamers, gas fryers, BBQs and teppanyaki plates. Brands we sell Luus, Supertron, Goldstein, B+SAll Asian cooking models are specially designed with variations and features to suit your cooking applications.Our Luus woks come in waterless 1, 2 and 3 hole models with double chimney gas burners. Griddle and toasters by Luus range from 600 – 1200mm wide top with a stand or open shelf cabinet and 2 or 3 burners.BBQs come in 2 or 3 burner models 600 – 1200 mm wide cooktop with a stand or open shelf cabinet.Specialised noodle cookers, steamers and boilers have baskets or steam plates with lid.Heccater provides every possibility to enhance your kitchen and give reliable and creative cooking options.We sell our products all over Australia Melbourne Sydney Perth Brisbane Adelaide Canberra Darwin Hobart