Supertron 1W14R Chinese Waterless Wok Stove 1 burner

$2,900.00 $1,825.00 Excluding GST

Model # CE1W14R
Dimensions: 600mm W * 860mm D * 800mm H
Designed Specifically For Asian Style Cooking


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Sturdy steel tube frame encased in high grade stainless steel double skin exterior and insulated interior.

Chimney duct is constructed from cast iron. Wok ring is fully enamelled cast iron to enable easy cleaning.

  1. Dual ring burner
  2. Duckbill burner
  3. Chimney burner – High efficiency, low gas consumption.

There is a burner suitable for every Asian cooking style. This wok stove has its own water cooling and filling system and includes a unique removable waste straining basket. All units are equipped with a flame failure automatic cut off module


  • Side splash guard
  • 14” enamelled ring
  • 17” enamelled ring
  • Flexible pipe supply
  • Wok joining plate

Chinese Wok Stove Specifications

1W14R 2W14R 3W14R 4W14R
Duckbill burner
130 260 390 520
Chimney burner
120 240 360 480
Dual ring burner
80 160 240 320
GAS CONNECTION 3/4” BSP male for each burner outlet
GAS TYPE Available in both natural gas and LPG, please specify when ordering
OVERALL DIMENSIONS (mm) (W*D*H) 600*860*800 1200*860*800 1800*860*800 2400*860*800
HEIGHT + SPLASH BACK 1350 1350 1350 1350
WEIGHT (KG) 130 240 380 550
CONTROLS Controls KG 3/4” ball valve, SIT D3 controls with flame failure, thermocouple andautomatic cut off, PT-45 pilot switch
WATER SUPPLY 1/2” water inlet
DRAINAGE 2” BSP male galvanized pipe
INSTALLATION Licensed plumber/gasfitter
SPARE PARTS All spare parts are available from our Australian distributor or your local plumbing supply