Fagor MG7-10BM Gas Indirect Heating Boiling Pan

$9,310.00 $7,914.00 Excluding GST


Fagor MG7-10BM Gas Indirect Heating Boiling Pan

Fagor MG7-10BM Gas Indirect Heating Boiling Pan
Made of stainless steel.
Capacity: 80 litres. Double jacket pan (bain-marie system).
Counterweighted folding lid.
Stainless steel burner, with safety valve and thermocouple.
Safety device for the bain-marie extinguishes the burner in the event
of low water level.
Cold and hot water filling tap.
Drainage tap.
Filling tap and control tap for the level of the double jacket pan
Over-pressure safety valve

X Width 700 mm X Gross width 740 mm
Y Depth 775 mm Y Gross depth 915 mm
Z Height 850 mm Z Gross height 1160 mm
Net Weight 88,0 kg Gross Weight 104,0 kg
Net volume 0,461 m3 Gross volume 0,785 m3
Voltage 230V – 1N
Electric frequency 50/60Hz
Gas type LPG
Gas power 17,00 kW
Gas consumption 1,420 kg/h
Regulated LPG G30/G31 28-30/37 mbar
NG G20/G25/G25.1 20/25/25 mbar
Pressure H2O: 200-400kPa(2-4bar)

Warranty 12 months parts and labour.

Fagor MG7-10BM Gas Indirect Heating Boiling Pan

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