Fagor CG7-50 Gas Solid Target Top with Open Burners

$6,000.00 $5,100.00 Excluding GST


Fagor CG7-50 Gas Solid Target Top with Open Burners

Fagor CG7-50 Gas Solid Target Top with Open Burners
700 Series, Centre Solid Top And 4 Open Burners
Gas Solid Top with 4 Open Burners
4 open hobs (29 mj/h each) with safety valve and thermocouples
Pilot for ignition
Cast iron trivets and burners
Grid dimensions: 347 x 310 mm
Fully removable spill trays
Fully removable spill trays
Solid top (18 mj/h) in centre made of cast iron, 347 x 620 mm
Safety valve and thermocouple
Pilot for ignition
Fat collector under the grills
Total power: 134 mj/h

Width: 1050mmDepth: 780mmHeight: 290mmWeight: 100.00kgPower: 113mj/h

Warranty: 12 month

Fagor CG7-50 Gas Solid Target Top with Open Burners

The 700 Range from Fagor Industrial offers excellent features and obtains high levels of performance in more reduced spaces.
It is the perfect solution for businesses with more limited space.

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As Symphony units are custom-designed to meet individual requirements, please contact your Sales Manager for further information.

The gas cookers in the 700 Series may be fitted with open burners, ovens, fry-tops, hotplates, pasta cookers,
barbecues, cooking pots, fryers, bain-marie and Bratt pans, combined in different ways to meet the needs of each customer.
Made of austenitic stainless steel, the cookers in this range have tilted control panels to provide better access to the buttons and controls
on the front of the machine, in addition to built-in handles and grease collection trays. The equipment in the 700 Series is formed by machines
with the highest operating powers on the market, with excellent performance and recovery ratios.