FAGOR E-VO CO-112BDD Concept Pass Through Dishwasher

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FAGOR E-VO CO-112BDD Concept Pass Through Dishwasher

FAGOR E-VO CO-112BDD Concept Pass Through Dishwasher
Tank Capacity: 34 litres
Hood type dishwasher
Hourly production: 40 baskets/hr – 720 dishes/hr
4.5 kW tank heating elements
9 litre boiler capacity
6 kW boiler heating elements
Electronic control panel and thermostop
Built-in drain pump – power 70 W – drainage cycle
Built-in detergent doser
Choice of 3 cycles: 90″; 120″; 180″
2.4 litre/cycle wash consumption
Magnetic switch for hood opening
Stainless steel tray filters on tank
Supplied with 1 basket (CT-10)
1 basket for dishes (CP-16/18) and 2 cutlery containers (CU)
Adjustable legs
Built-in non-return valve
Made of stainless steel
Double rotating wash and rinse systems
WARRANTY: 12 months Parts & Labour
Power: 230 Volts; 11.10 kW; 63 Amps
Dimensions: 655 x 775 x 1540mm [h]
Warranty 12 months parts and labour

About the Product and Brand
The brand new E-VO Generation dishwashers from Fagor are more efficient, effective and environmentally friendly.
They are simple to use and easy to maintain and clean. Invest in the future with Fagor’s innovative ideas!

The E-VO Generation dishwashers include front loading undercounter dishwashers and pass-through dishwashers.
Our Advance series machines have modern designs and finishes, and their electronic technology makes them easy to use and intuitive.

Fagor Advance dishwashers use a thermal stop function which guarantees a minimum rinsing temperature of 85°C, below
which bacteria may start to reproduce. Commercial dishwashers result in significant savings on your overheads and labour,
improve overall efficiency and most importantly, ensure maximum hygiene in cleaning.

Fagor has developed a range of dishwashers which combine technology and design for intuitive and energy efficient machines
that are perfect additions to your collection of commercial kitchen equipment.