Superfast RC400T Gas Deep Fryer -2 separate bowls 2 Baskets

$5,000.00 $2,940.00 Excluding GST

Model # RC400T
Dimensions: 1195mmH 770mm D 400mm W
Gas fryer Cooks 35 kg of frozen product per hour LP or Nat gas


Specification: .



  • High efficiency – Cooks 35 kg of frozen food per hour
  • Twin bowls for indivual cooking indepdant of each other
  • Stainless Steel front, door and side panels as standard.
  • Outstanding serviceability – all components are easily accessible and replaceable from the front.
  • Removable Stainless Steel basket hanger. Easiest model on the market to clean.
  • Prize International’s “cool zone” design prolongs shortening life by trapping debris under the cooking area, preventing carbonisation of particles and oil contamination.
  • Large draw-off valve for easy filtration.
  • Low gas consumption per load of product cooked.
  • Centre thermostat for quick response and fast recovery.
  • Flame failure and pilot as standard.
  • Suitable for natural gas or LPG.
  • All parts are readily available from gas distributors throughout Australia.
  • 120 MJ