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Why Rent to Buy?

Rental is fully tax deductible if used for business purposes.  You can also improve your cash-flow, by tying up less money in the short-term and allowing you to focus on what matters in your business! Use a Rent to Buy solution for your business ASAP!

If you’ve been in business for five years or more you should realize there really is no point in owning obsolete or underperforming equipment.  After as little as two years your gear is losing its gloss and repairs are mounting up or simply…the technology is superseded.

So right now, you own your five year old equipment.  At some point you will realise that you should not own it…you need to replace it!  Don’t invest a large chunk of your money on equipment which has no long term real value.

Why not take the money and use it more wisely, including:

ü  Pay off personal debt including a Mortgage / Personal Loan / Credit Cards etc (for which you receive NO Tax Deduction

ü  Buy an Investment property

ü  Have a holiday

ü  Buy stock at discount

ü  Pay Salaries

ü  Have a holiday, or do anything else you have been dreaming about

Live a little let the business give you something back…which is 100% tax deductible.  Don’t pay unnecessary tax if you rent to buy with us!

We call this a Rent to Buy, because you have the Option to Buy the old equipment at the End of Term for 3 additional month’s rent, and enjoy the next years repairing it OR you can send it back and rent the latest up to date new equipment whilst enjoying the full tax deductible benefits your business can claim.  We believe you should Upgrade to new equipment of course.

There is NO OBLIGATION to purchase of course, other options include:

  • Return equipment with nothing more to pay
  • Upgrade to new equipment (and you can do this during contract term if you wish)
  • Continue renting month x month until you decide what you wish to do.

Also, whilst it’s important to choose the correct equipment for your needs today but it may be that in 2, 3 or 4 years’ time your requirements change.  A Rental is designed to allow this without the impost of early termination costs associated with other finance products.  Simply let us know what replacement goods you are after and we can Upgrade during the contract term, no need to wait until end of term.

Silverchef Rental
Why you should choose Silverchef

Silverchef is Australia’s most experienced, largest provider of finance for hospitality, catering and food-service businesses. They’re a company that a lot of our clients will have pre-existing relationships with, making it seamless to add one of Hec Cater’s great products to your finance package. They’re also industry renowned for the flexibility of their offering. You can buy, rent-to-own, return and continue to lease your products at the end of the first year. There’s also a great selection of pre-owned, or second-hand commercial kitchen equipment they can offer to discerning customers.[expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Other Silverchef advantages” less=”Read less”]

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Buy Back Offer:


Silver Chef can turn back time by purchasing their existing Commercial Kitchen Equipment, refund their cash and rent it back to them for an easy-to-manage weekly cost. We can essentially reverse their Equipment spend, enabling them to preserve capital, revive their cash flow, and rely on predetermined weekly budgets



Why you should pick Axis Finance

Axis Finance Group is a specialised financial services company providing services in the mortgage and financial planning industry.

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