COMMERCIAL DISHWASHERS Heccater stocks and sells online a comprehensive range of commercial dishwashers, both Australian made and imported ranges.

Our approved brands are Norris and Eswood made in Australia, and internationally recognised Hobart, Fagor, Comenda, Washtec and Winterhalter. Dishwashing systems are critical for all catering establishments and dishwashing must meet regulations for cleaning and sanitising.

Heccater will have a solution to your unique warewashing requirements.

If you need to wash a small volume less than 100 meals/day many of our under bench models will be suitable. Combination glass and plate washers are successful for cafes/coffee shops.  Based on the number of items you need to wash in peak periods and how many can fit into standard 500 x 500 racks and time to load and unload you will have a guide to the size of machine required.  Restaurants and hotels commonly use upright pass through dishwashers to meet large volume requirements.

Heccater will have the right machine to continuously deliver you clean glasses, crockery and utensils for your food service needs giving you effective results and time efficiency.

Glass washers are available in a range of sizes and combinations; freestanding or underbench, combination glass and plate washers.   Norris underbench model with European technology and Comeda machines are energy efficient, Eswood will wash up to 1200 glasses/hour; trays may accommodate glasses or dishes.

Features vary and include stainless steel construction, single or multiple wash cycles, recirculating and low volume rinse, double walled doors, digital temperature display for HACCP reporting, micro filters, one button operations and energy efficiency.

Underbench dishwashers come in a variety of sizes and brands and can accommodate a range of plate sizes. Some models can be free standing, features may include automatic detergent dispenser, one touch control, digital wash and rinse temperature display panel, removable arms, single or multiple wash cycles, low rinse volume and others depending on your requirements.

Pass through dishwashers are available in a range of sizes to suit higher volume washing and will accommodate bulky utensils and pots.  Some models have pre rinse facility for single phase washing. Features are included and designed for hygiene, time efficiency and ease of use. A quality machine will save your business time and money.

Pot washers are available in our range that are specially designed to accommodate bulky items such as baking trays, bowls and bins, with quality features and high performance.

Norris dishwashers and glass washers are made in Australia to premium quality standard for performance, reliability and durability.  Designs vary from standard size underbench models to large capacity pass through and pot washer models.  Features of Norris machines include the unique electronic pest control, smart water mark approval and optional single or three phase power.

Comenda dishwashers and glass washers are European designed and ured in Italy with state of the art technology for superior function and hygiene.  Heccater offers energy efficient, under counter and heavy duty pass through models for high performance and style.

Eswood have a proud history in Australia manufacturing food service equipment.  All dishwasher and glass washer models are made and designed in Australian for Australian conditions.  Models available include compact under bar, free standing, under bench and energy efficient as well as free standing pass through and pot washing models. Larger machines can wash from 500 up to 1080 pieces per hour and are designed for easy access and handling.

Fagor dishwashers and glass washers are top quality machines designed and manufactured in Spain with under counter and pass through models.  Design features include digital displays for ease of use, drain pumps, rinse and detergent dispensers. These machines are European designed and value for money.

Hobart are an award winning company supplying top quality commercial dishwashers with energy efficient features, manufactured in Germany. Our selection of Hobart dishwashers includes combination glass washers and dishwashers, under counter dishwashers, large pass through dishwashers with electronic head.  All are high performance, reliable and will give you efficient and quality results.