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ICS PACIFIC SIENA 80H Heated Bench Top Displays

  • ICS PACIFIC SIENA 80H Heated Bench Top Displays
  • Features

    • Compact and modern design
    • LED lighting
    • Excellent product visibility
    • Digital controller and two temperature displays
    • Two angle-adjustable shelves plus base
    • Easy clean condenser (refrigerated model)
    • Double glazed
    • Perfect for joint display of Refrigerated and Heated products as both models look virtually the same

    Temperature Range Refrigerated models: +2°C @ 30°C ambient temperature
    & 60% humidity

    Heated models: +90°C

    Capacity 130 Litres

    Dimensions Width: 800mm Depth: 590mm Height: 690mm

     Due to ICS PACIFIC’s ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, appearance and specifications may change. Please confirm prior to ordering.

Additional information

Weight45 kg
Dimensions59 x 80 x 69 cm