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Dairy Case DC-2000N Refrigerated Open Merchandiser

  • Dairy Case DC-2000N Refrigerated Open Merchandiser
  • 2 to 8°C / Ambient operating temp. 38ºC
  • ASPERA Compressor
  • CAREL temp. controller with digital display
  • Five display levels
  • Lighting on each level
  • Transparent PVC night curtain
  • Auto defrost
  • Automatic condensation evaporation
  • Double glazed side panels
  • T5 lighting
  • Water drainage must be installed
  • 340KGS 200CMW89CMD200CMH
  • Our dairy display cases are suitable for use in ambient temperature up to 25°C
  • and come in sizes and styles for your food service environment.
  • We supply Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs, Take Away Food Shops,
  • Pizza Shops, Food manufacturing plants, Hospitals and Nursing Homes.
  • Dairy  fridges are chosen for quality and high performance and are recognized for their European style.
  • Superior technology and refrigeration features include automatic single air flow, ventilated defrost,
  • ventilated refrigeration system.  Condensation is removed via a hot gas discharge system.
  • Display features are internal lighting, white finish, 2 – 4 levels of adjustable shelves plus base as shelf,
  • canopy and end lighting with switch.  Shelf pricing holders are included and shelf product fences are optional.
  • Operation is efficient with double glazed ends, manual night blind.  Dairy display cased come with castors and white interior and exterior finish.
  • Most people are not aware that Milk will spoil in less than an hour if left unrefrigerated. It is critical that you purchase a Commercial Refrigerator from Fridge Solutions that has been built with product integrity in mind. Our refrigerators are designed so that they are not only functional, but will bring your customer’s eyes directly to your product. It is important to remember all Dairy products must be kept at around a temperature of 36°F to ensure the longest possible shelf life. However, to ensure your product integrity you must make sure your product is delivered at the proper temperatures. You should check the temperature of the refrigerated delivery Trailer to make sure that your product has been kept at the proper temperatures during transit. Lastly, do NOT allow your Dairy products to sit on your receiving dock. Put your dairy delivery immediately into your cooler to ensure the longest shelf life.

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Weight340 kg
Dimensions300 x 89 x 200 cm